The Photographers

Their photography style is a combination of urban street shooting and candid in the moment imagery.  They have naturally gravitated towards an urban street style embracing the city they've grown to love.  The images produced are simple and tasteful.  Caleb and Megan also strive to have as many candid in the moment photos as possible.  This is the reason they enjoy shooting as a team.  One photographer will take the lead directing and interacting with the clients allowing the second photographer the opportunity to photograph unnoticed.  This is key in their process in order to capture those candid moments and expressions impossible to reenact.

The other unique attribute Caleb and Megan offer is film photography.  Each wedding and engagement package is different depending on the clients' needs.  The majority of the photographs are shot with digital equipment and a healthy handful are shot with traditional film cameras.  Film photography was how they began shooting and has remained important.  The digital imagery is shot with state of the art equipment providing ageless photos.  However, through the use of old vintage film cameras, the couple is able to provide photographs that are extremely unique and aged telling a story of their own.