The Polaroid - $300 Plus - The Polaroid symbolizes the engagement package or a family session. This includes 100+ edited photographs shot in a street photography style. The photographs are all shot in an intimate setting either downtown urban or outdoor in a rugged wilderness place. The photographs are all captured on high end glass for crisp and clear prints.


The Diana - $2000 Plus - This package provides one photographer covering the majority of the day. It generally begins with the bridal party getting ready and ends during the dance. Caleb acts as the primary photographer, shooting state of the art DSLR equipment, he will recommend unique poses and ideas for all portraits. This package is fully customizable. The end product includes 500-600+ edited photographs uploaded to a digital disc, (more photos available).



The Yashica - $3000 Plus - The Yashica package has creative flare with two photographers capturing the majority of the day. The wedding is photographed by Caleb and his wife Megan, (or by a hired second shooter if Megan is unavailable). It includes the bridal parties getting ready, the ceremony, the wedding portrait session, the reception and some of the dance. The portraits are all lead and posed by Caleb. He engages in capturing true still life while recommending unique ideas and interjecting creative thought. His photography style provides crisp high end digital images. On the other hand, his wife Megan embraces the candid style of an event. During the full day she photographs the moments between poses of the wedding party laughing, guests interacting and the moments that are impossible to reenact. This package includes 600-800+ edited photographs uploaded to a digital disc, (more photos available).